Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Re: Are you a serial killer.

Okay, here's the story on the serial killer test. You must answer the riddle even if it's I don't know. Someone with a proclivity toward serial killing will give a particular answer. So give me some answers!!!!


Frank C. Balara said...

Well, I'm not a serial killer - I don't even play one on tv. And I didn't sleep in a Howard Johnson's last night. So, I'm clueless. Don't see how any of the funeral stuff could be connected to the murder. My answers that don't really make sense:

1. The man had been seeing her dead mother and the sister knew about it but didn't say anything until a few days later.

2. The sister was disguised as the man at the funeral and the woman found out a few days later.

3. The man started seeing her sister instead of the woman.

Am I close with any of these? Kind of hope I'm not! Lol!

Robbi Sommers Bryant said...

I like your answer #2. And no, you are not a serial killer.